Mc Panders


[reads summary of fic] THIS IS WHAT I WANT
[reads first 10 words of fic] this is not what i want

It is 4am and I have finished sewing, and now my fingers and toes hurt.
I get to put them back on in 8hrs for a dance practice…

and hour and a galf to finish 1/2 of one shoe and 1/4 of the other…… curse you elastic

I always become super happy and glad when people get happy over drawings I make them. Because holy hell it’s such an important compliment for me and means a lot and god let me hug you because you’ve made my day.

What do you mean 2am is too late to be sewing pointe shoes?

-stares at character- jiggle physics




1990’s Animated Pizza Appreciation Post

We grew up on pizza. We are pizza. We love pizza.

90s pizza always looked so good

Well presentation didn’t go bad, I’m a lot less meek when talking about my work and the teacher was glad to see I knew one comp wasn’t too great to use so I’m going through trial and error and experimenting.

But I’m gonna have to work on the color pallet and change the logo (darn)
I just have major dry mouth now omfg, but so glad I got kicked up there and did it today so I have more time to work on things.

week 1 of friendship: this is a cool person
week 30 of friendship: this is a gay egg

Aaaaaaand now my tummy is in knots with nervousness.