Mc Panders

I think I’m gonna make more of those cool doodlies i used to do with an updated me and frankie. it was fun playing with clipping tectures and our actual shirts onto us.

I’m laughing usually some internet friends and I all make fun of eachother. So I call one of them a robot and make robot jokes when he makes old lady jokes.

But now my weakness that robots are really awesome shows since I drew that really cool robot head. Dammit gotta find another way to make fun of him >:C (and cause i’m cool friend I’m drawing him a robot)

I am having way too much fun calling my sister by fruit and berry names, it started with kumquat then tangerine. After she insulted orange I called her a tasteless pineapple. She is pretty amused by this too hehe.

but of humor for me, misspelled something and only one kid saw it before I corrected it so when he wrote it wrong like i did everyone started to correct him hehehehe

-seethes silently about people working drivethrus-

Me: -talks about some pieces I'd like to put into portfolio-
Teacher: Wait go back to the beer composite, you could make an add out of that!
Me Thinking: ((Jeff you just like beer))

It’s 90°F and it’s doing little tinkle piss rain wtf, oh man I hope it’s not gonna be grossly humid now.

People are starting to talk about sweater wearer and having to use heaters and I’m sitting here on fire.

Sometimes my phone knows my typing too well. Accidentally types “play” but it knew to autocorrect it to “okay”.